Saturday, September 9, 2006

Cojo Anchorage

Cojo Anchorage, Officially in Southern California

7:54 pm

Well we had a great ride here and got in just before sun set. We were actually flying the spinnaker past Pt Arguello. We were moving at about 6-7 kts - it was beautiful... Boy it's nice not to have to do an overnight. I'm adjusting to our little rolly anchorage (there are 4 other boats and 2 big oil transport ships also here) while Greg cooks up some tortellini and salad.

So, we have some news---we had a shoe overboard incident this afternoon. Matey thinks it's a great tradeoff to loose one of her shoes while enjoying a fabulous dolphin show!!! It was a pod of the black and white guys. They were about 6 feet long and having a great time playing in our bow wake. Luckily we brought back up shoes for Matey so she won't be shoeless for long.

Another thing I've noticed down here is that the sea lions are much more playful. They frolic in packs along the coast, then when we sail by they do these spy hops to look at us. I imagine them saying, "Hey, look over there at that sailboat!!" Sometimes you can see them following us to play in our stern wake. Matey, of course, loves all of it. We actually had to take to tethering her into the cockpit.

OH, Southern CA sailing. After showers, we just happily relaxed while Matey kept a look out.

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