Thursday, September 21, 2006

Alamitos Bay, CA


Alamitos Bay, CA

Greg and I have both gone through colds - actually, I'm on the downside of mine. But to catch you up, on Tuesday the Girls, Kim, and Len and Carol came out for a sail with us in LA Harbor. We had a nice easy downwind run to LongBeach where we had some lunch and walked around for a bit before turning around to head back to Cabrillo Beach. Luckily for the girls and the rest of the crew, we had some pretty good wind for the beat back.

Greg and I settled down again for the evening in the anchorage. Greg spent Wednesday doing errands and I spent most of the day trying to recoup and rest from my cold.

Today after lounging most of the morning (I lounged, Greg worked on boat stuff), we set off for Long Beach. We were hoping to meet up with Bill and Bev from the Corsair YC to talk about their Mexico trip so we needed to get closer to Long beach.

Luckily on the way over after a quick call to Alamitos Yacht Club, we found out they had a guest spot for us, so here we are tied up to power and unlimited water for the night. Greg also worked his magic with Shoreline Yacht Club in Long Beach to get us set up for more pampering at their club tomorrow and Saturday night -- so we are living the good life!!! Unlimited power and water!!!!

Seriously, we are having a good time exploring around the bay in the dinghy - though we did go by the Long Beach Yacht Club and noticed their guest dock was empty. HUMPH!!!! We've only been calling them for about week and a half asking for berthing, and they either don't return our calls or say they are full. The word locally is they are trying to be like the St Francis in the Bay Area - by thinking they are a little superior to everyone else.

*** Side note on the ST Francis YC - the Vallejo Yacht Club is the only Bay area club that has reciprocal privileges with them. The only way they were granted is because many years ago, the VYC had the only fuel dock between San Francisco and the Delta.

Here come the girls!!!!

Greg teaches Nicole a little about sailing.

Kim shows the girls her favorite part of the boat - the Bow.

This is a space launching platform. Len told us about how they sail this platform to the equator to send satellites into orbit.

The part of a ship I hope NOT to see (luckily this one is at anchor)

What a lazy bum.

Is this a tropical Island in LA Harbor??? No Way! That's a cleverly disguised oil rig...

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