Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Adventure time

8-15-06: It's Adventure Time!!!!

Casper turns into....

Well, Casper (my car of 9 years) is sold. I'll miss her, she was a great car - but I was ready for another and since we'd have to store her - it's best she goes to another owner.

I guess this means our cruise is real - with only 2 weeks left of work, it's feeling very real about now. Before it was just a series of things to do, but now I find myself having dreams of what we are going to do at anchor on those scary nights. I guess this is good, the easy times I know I'll be prepared for - after all, who wouldn't be prepared for a nice sail into a calm anchorage, then opening an ice cold beer while grilling up a freshly caught tuna. All of this after (or just before) some nice snorkeling.

It's the windy nights with swell breaking on surrounding rocks and reef that I worry about. How we are going to store everything that we think we need? Or the tricky passes in Hawaii - or what about the squalls on the Pacific - not to mention the threat of an early hurricane. Mom, I sure hope you aren't reading this.

Anyway, it's my fears that I worry about. Am I going to like showering under a sun shower most days? Having to trek purchases out to the boat all the time? What about the 20+ days at sea on our way to and from Hawaii? I'm expecting some rough times, but I'm guessing that I will enjoy the trip most of the time.

Most people ask if I am excited and expect me to be dreamily in a state just past reality - but that's just not my style, I'm a worrier and I hope I can count on this little trait of mine to ensure (as it usually does) that the worries are mostly for nothing, but if they are needed, I am prepared - mentally at least.

Now that the car is sold, I am currently worrying about getting up early enough to be able to catch Bart to meet my bus shuttle (wherever that is) in Pleasanton.

I guess the adventure is starting now... Maybe that will be a lesson I come home with - Life is an adventure, this can apply here too - I'll let you know...