Wednesday, July 19, 2006



Hi well, Matey didn't have to deal with the 'gun' from the race committee - in fact we just used a horn. But regardless, Matey was safely tucked away at her Nonnie's for the evening.

Hard to believe I'll only be at work another 5 weeks or so... Time seems to be going by so quickly lately.

We though you might like to see who will be going on the Baja HaHa with us. Here is a picture of the 5 of us:

That's Scott Hotes, Greg, Matey, Me and John Mankey

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Baja HaHa 2006


It's official - We are officially part of the Baja HaHa 2006!!!!!
Taken from Latitude 38 (who is NOT the sponsor or has any ties to it other than volunteer!!)
Most Recent List of Paid Baja Ha-Ha Entries

June 30 - Tiburon

1) Kialoa III / S&S 79 / Orange Coast College / Newport Beach
2) Alaska Eagle / S&S 65 / Orange Coast College / Newport Beach
3) Raptor Dance / Valiant 50 / Bill Finkelstein / Santa Rosa
4) Mykonos / Swan 44 MkII / Myron Eisenzimmer / San Geronimo
5) Three Quarter Time / Catalina 470 / Chuck Pfaff / Auburn
6) Gypsy Soul / Cal 34 / Jay Sousa / Merced
7) Southern Star / Island Packet 45 / Mark Rogers / Berkeley
8) Saeta / Sceptre 41 / Richard Black / Santa Cruz
9) Mai Pen Rai / Islander 36 / Noble Brown II / Benicia
10) Ladyhawke / Mariner 50 / Mike Morehouse / Santa Cruz
11) Voyager II / Norseman 447 / C. Wayne Ratliff / San Luis Obispo
12) Mal de Mer III / J/40 / Ed Huckins / San Diego
13) Robyn's Nest / Island Packet 35 / Chris Parker / Placerville
14) Oceanus / Ocean/Alex 50 / Brian Deans / Berkeley
15) Sun Fun / Hans Christian 38 MkII / Bill Costello / San Clemente
16) Pacifica / Ericson 39-B / Greg Davids / Richmond
17) Solstice / Pacific Seacraft 37 / John Alden / Palos Verdes
18) Far Fetched / Beneteau Oceanis 390 / Steve Albert / Grant's Pass, OR
19) XTerra Firma / Formosa 47 / Axel Heller / Temple City
20) Aloha / Willard 40 PH Trawler / Patrick Gerety / La Quinta
21) Willow / Westsail 32 / BJ Loew / Pasco, WA
22) La Storia / Morgan 45 / Burt McChesney / La Quinta
23) Misjudged II / Hunter 460 / Patrick Magers / Irvine
24) Wiz / Nautor Swan 44 / Darrell Clark / Polson, MT
25) Espiritu / Hunter 430 / Patrick McIntosh / Sacramento
26) Equinox / Island Packet 440 / Hank Martin / Bothell, WA

We're Entry #16 - Whoo Hoo...I can't wait to be there - I already ordered up my Mexican bandana from mom.

So, today we get to go to West Marine (my dad must take me there daily nowadays - sometimes multiple times a day - to pick up our new spinnaker pole and actually get a refund of an overcharge. Dad is so looking forward to getting money back from West Marine - and I am so looking forward to hitting him up for more Natural Balance dog food rolls - lamb flavor, please!!!

Here's dad driving the Pole home.

Tomorrow mom says we are going out to be the committee boat for our yacht club races. This of course means they are going to shoot a big gun (i think..) I'm not looking forward to that.

BYC Benicia

After we passed the Richmond bridge, we noticed that Rob from the Club was right behind us:

Over Fourth of July Weekend, we sailed to Benicia. Kristin, Zach and Jonah (from the club) came along for the sail. It was almost a cancelled trip - our starter for our engine was giving us trouble and we couldn't get the engine going. After we had Terry (a friend of Zach's) come over and 'jump start our starter' we finally were able to set out. But of course this adds something else to Dad's list of things to get done to the boat before we leave for the Ha Ha.

What a sailor - that's Jonah sleeping all snuggled in Kristin's lifejacket.

  That's his new C&C 38...

Taken some time to look out under the solar panels..

Whoo Hoo - Look at Jonah go. Zach is starting him out early!!!!

Just some shade, new solar panels and Rob off in the distance...

All Smiles aboard Pacifica...

Big Bridge Parts going down the Carquinez Straight...

the sugar factory.

After we get settled into Benicia - it time to PARTY....

And this is my kinda party - some playtime on the beach..

And some games of 'monster dad'

Chase with Dottie. We were tied up right next to her boat - so I had to walk across it every day.

Tuckered Dottie.

Tuckered Me...

Then the club had a Man overboard talk by Tom Jeramiason.

Pacifica got her safety inspection for 2006.

Our raft - there is another somewhere in the marina.

One evening we had a progressive dinner where all the humans went from one boat to the other for different courses.

Here are a couple of the boats:

There was also the local parade:

though I think something/one is missing BENICIA...

BYC members waiting to cross the street for dinner...

Then on the 4th, we sailed home to Berkeley - yes, just in time for the Berkeley FIREWORKS....DARN, i was hoping we would miss that this year!!!!!