Monday, May 1, 2006

BYC_ Napa

OK, It's another club cruise this weekend - YIPEE!!!!

Before we get started I wanted to let you know how good I am. About a week and a half ago, I was sprinting through a lawn area with a big stick in my mouth when all of a sudden a duck SQUAWKED loudly and continuously while flying away from me. It freaked me out, I dropped my stick and ran away. Mom and dad went to investigate and there was a momma duck laying on a next of eggs. After checking the next day, they were happy to see the momma dock return and everything okay.

Well now they check on it everyday when we walk around the marina. Today I was walking with my dad while mom was at work. He told me to stay on the sidewalk while he checked on the momma duck. She's still there and I was a good little girl and stayed till he came back to me. Mom and dad were really proud of my self control.

We started the weekend with Mom taking Friday off from work so that we could sail to the Vallejo Yacht Club on Friday then on to Napa on Saturday. She wanted to catch up with the skipper she used to race with out of Vallejo - they haven't seen him in a long time and it seemed like a natural addition to this adventure.

The weekend started off with a grooming session where mom tried to get as much of my loose fur off outside of the boat. Here I am trying to convince her that we're done... I work hard to grow that hair and I've grown quite fond of it!!!

Though I have to admit I do feel lighter and spunkier after I've blown a bit of my coat.

We've talked a bit about dad adding a smaller sail called a staysail to our boat. Well, it was VERY windy on Friday, so we took it as a great excuse to try out our new sail. Here we are flying our little 70% staysail with a reef in the main. We flew this all the way to Vallejo, through a hard beat toward Richmond - that was some of the hardest pounding, even more so that out in the ocean. By the time we got to the Mare Island Straight (by VYC) the wind was gusting to 38 knots. Needless to say, I spent most of the time down below in my room. Mom set up my ipod with little speakers in my room and played my relaxation CD. I heard mom say it was very 'Zen-like' whatever that means....

In San Pablo Bay we passed a barge bringing bridge parts (say that 3 times fast....I'm sure glad I don't have to say that!).

Finally we made it to Vallejo Yacht Club. Bill met us on the dock - so we went into the bar for a little happy hour with him and Colleen (his wife). The club didn't have dinner plans scheduled, so Bill and Colleen made mom and dad a fabulous BBQ chicken dinner. I was happily enjoying my Zen-Den.

In the morning, we happened to leave the same time as Galatea who was also going to the Napa Club. Mom just recently found out that the lady part of Galatea is also from New Orleans just like Mom!

We had no problems going under the Vallejo Bridges. It was fun to chat with the bridge operator - not to mention the power, a doggie stopping cars. As you are going under the bridge (there is one pictured on the return that they raise the street), you can hear the street whistles and see the cars stopping waiting for you to pass. Next time you see boats doing that - come out and wave - we love to wave at people. It's my newest trick - I wave with both paws at the same time!

We had a beautiful day of puffy white clouds and nice wind. We motor sailed (had one sail up - our mainsail) all the way because the wind was a little too forward to sail with. Here, it looks like you have lots of sailing room, but beware - you don't. See that log sticking up - it's on the shallows of the bank. We have 6 feet of boat under water, so we have to be sure to watch our depth.

Because I was hanging out down below (praying the 38 knots from yesterday didn't return) mom and dad didn't put on my life jacket. But later on down the river, when my boldness started to return and I ventured above more often - my lifejacket came on. Mostly mom said she worried that I would fall off, then swim to shore - then how would they get me to swim back to the boat? She just put that thought out of her head.

This is the famous Marker Number 7 (post with the green sign on the left side of the photo). Starting here through Marker 13 - you have to really watch the markers and your depth, or you might find yourself spending hours waiting for the tide while your living space leans over at a sharp angle. Sounds freaky to me!!!!

I wonder what they are catching? Salmon - I tried a bit of fish skin on a walk the other night before mom and dad saw me -- it was nasty. I spat it out!

Look at all that swimming room! Hard to believe I could probably walk most of that way...

Cute little Camps along the river.

Now that's what they call a project boat!

Just beyond the trees on the river bank is a vineyard. Mom says that means grapes grow there - but I'm not a fan of grapes, so I don't really try to get off here.

Along the shore they had families fishing and picnicking.

Finally after a demonstration on how to get off of the mud, we tied up along the boat Webb Site. We of course saved our getting stuck in the mud for when everyone was out ready for us to get tied up. Luckily we raised the sail and were able to pop right off the mud. With some help from our iron wind.


Here comes Galatea behind us.

Cocktails on Walden. I was invited to come aboard, but I kept trying to go back to my room - so mom and dad helped guide me across the 2 boats back to ours.

Here's dad playing with our new SSB/HAM combo radio.

As you can see it is low tide... Mom and dad were really worried about me running in the mud. But that would have been yucky!! And it would have meant I'd have to use the hose.

I met a puppy, Gem. Mom was gushing all over her, but I was just making sure she didn't get my ball.

We went walking around Napa and can you believe they had doggies in mind when they built the bridge? It over looks the river and they put in doggie windows so that I can see too! It's much better that trying to stand on my tip toes to see...

How's this - a boat on a trailer on a trailer, behind a boat on a trailer?!?!?!?!?!

A fantastic climbing tree - mom and dad held on to my leash to keep me from going higher.

WE'RE IN THE MUD!!!! I told you there is 6 feet of boat underneath the water - well, look - the depth says only 2.6 feet - that means about 31/2 feet of mud. Boats closer to the dock were kinda leaning on their side - but luckily were were still standing straight up.

So the gang decided to try out geocaching - Mom and I decided to join the team and check it out. Dad just stayed on the boat to read and relax. Here is the BYC Geocaching Team!

We found the treasure...

Betty signed our name and date..

Now we didn't have as much luck with the second one - and our team dispersed after that. But we had a great walk around the town.

BYC Boats... This is everyone docked at the Club, our boat is down at the far end. We had 2 boats on one side of us and 1 on the other.

Our club BBQ

Dad getting Cpt Morgan and Diet Cokes for him and mom.

MMMMMM MMMMM Now, how do I get everyone to look away at once so I can get this meat? Lucky for me though, Henry didn't finish his steak so he gave me his leftovers.

The next morning we had to leave very early - I think we pulled away from the dock some time around 6:45. the tide was going to be really low - so we had to get out before they drained the river.

Here are some scenes while motoring home...

Curving down the river... We pass a 3 boat raft up on the way home. Those little specs (if you can see them ) are hot air balloons... I'm checking things out. I found the most comfortable way to use these new chairs mom and dad got. I think I'll claim them for myself - thanks mom and dad!

We got to the bridge early (like 45 minutes early). But luckily the bridge operator came to open it for us after 15 minutes. We were the second boat through - so you can see the long line of BYC boats coming through the bridge...

Walden looking good and sailing home. We ended up having a fabulous sail home.

Except for a little onboard competition of the 'throne seat' I just ignored my dad - he shouldn't be butting in on my space anyway!

Just as we were getting close to Berkeley, this was a nice shot of an Ericson going out that we couldn't pass up.