Saturday, June 4, 2005

Napa BYC Cruise

Mom and Dad told me that this weekend we were going to go on the first cruise with the yacht club. They explained to me that their might be people close to our boat - maybe even coming aboard, but that it would be okay. Also, there would be a BBQ and outside place for me to hang out during dinner, so maybe I could go with them. Luckily the club was set up that I was able to attend all of the functions. By the end of the weekend, mom and dad were comfortable enough letting me just walk around -- I felt like a very special doggie.

We sailed to Napa which is up the Napa river. The good part about this I was soon to learn was it was FLAT!!!!! I was very happy with that. It was also warm. And on top of that, we got to ride everywhere in the dinghy.

We had to go under a couple of bridges - one even had to be opened up for us and cars had to stop for us to sail through. Here is a picture of us going under one - I was a little worried that we wouldn't fit - but you know, I had to trust the parents...

We even walked around downtown Napa a bit - it was great quiet quality time with my mom and dad -- and my good buddy, John.

We had a great sail both there and back. The current was going with us both times. Here we are leaving into San Pablo Bay. There are a couple of club boats behind us...