Wednesday, May 4, 2005

A Wedding?????

SO, I'm a smart little doggie and I've been picking up a few weird vibes that something is going on lately. Mom and dad have been doing lots of planning - they're not really the planning type, they like to keep me on my toes.

This week, mom started making these basket things and taking great care to not let me get my paws on them. She told me about my basket - but now there were 3 of them. What's up - I only have one mouth!!!!!

Anyway, on Friday, neither Miriam or Casey came to pick me up. I was starting to get a little worried that they forgot about me when mom showed up. YIPEEE!!!! After taking me out to romp for a bit she started packing and calling dad a lot. Then I saw her load up the car, but I wasn't worried, cause I saw my stuff go in there too.

When dad got home, we went to Nonnie's and put more stuff in the car. Now I started to get a little worried because our car isn't that big, it didn't seem like enough room for me... But believe it or not, we all crammed in and drove, FOREVER!!!!!

I was ready for some exploring by the time we got there - Inn at SchoolHouse Creek in Mendocino...

And the Inn we went to was super friendly. I could run around and I explored everywhere. On the way to Cali's cottage, I ran into Cosmo -- one of my friends who used to be in my playgroup. That's pretty weird -- but a great surprise.

In the morning I woke and took dad out to play ball.

Then we all went to this place called the Botanical Gardens. It was really cool - even though I had to stay on a leash. I still had lots of fun.

I felt real special because we went in to get an ice cream cone and in the middle of an order the man behind the counter stopped making the human's ice cream so that he could make up a special scoop of vanilla for me -- and it was free. He said all doggies who come there get ice cream on the house -- was this great or what????

Here's a pic of Cali eating hers. I took three licks and inhaled mine - so mom and dad didn't get a picture of it.

After we got back to the Inn, things started to get really weird. Everyone when to get dressed, what was wrong with what they were wearing, I can't tell ya... But mom and dad got dressed in separate buildings - they NEVER do that....Oh no, I hope everything's ok. I stayed with mom and everyone seemed happy, so I just went with the flow and hoped whatever they had wasn't contagious and going to hurt me.

Finally after what seemed like forever, mom took my leash and walked me outside.... THERE WAS DAD waiting for us. Mom started to cry, but my wiggling self helped calm her down. By this time I definitely knew something was up, people were really acting weird.

Then we all walked up to the meadow in the trees and mom and dad left me with my uncle Rick.

The nice guy was saying stuff to mom and dad and everyone was watching. It didn't look like they were in trouble...

Finally everyone turned around and looked at me.... Uncle Rick held the basket by my mouth. reluctantly I took it and started to walk toward mom, but just then mom called me and I was so excited to hear her happy voice, I dropped my basket and ran to them.

Everyone laughed and Rick brought my basket to me so mom and dad could get some stuff out of it.

Then the man started talking again and even though no one was holding me or told me to stay, I got the feeling that this was very important, even though I really just wanted to go explore.

Then mom and dad kissed and everyone turned around and started talking.

My parents were something called married.

We went to the cottage and hung out awhile till dinner time when I finally got to take a nap in our room.

The next day we went on a canoe ride. It even had sails. At first I was scared to get in, but after we got going, I decided to look on the bright side and started to enjoy myself.