Monday, April 4, 2005

Paradise Cove

Here I am all ready to fish. We were planning to go out the Gate to get some of that salmon. But the weather looked really nasty - there were big waves and lots of wind. So luckily mom and dad decided to stay in the Bay and try out fishing for Striped Bass.

After a trip to the tackle shop, we were on our way. Since we weren't going out the Gate, we were able to stay in our slip till Saturday morning.

Out come our fishing reels...

Dad got out our poles...

I was lookout on the bow. We were going out to San Pablo Bay which is just the Northern part of SF Bay. I take my lookout duties seriously. I need to make sure nothing strange comes near my boat -- and yes, I am the decider on if something is strange or not... at least till mom and dad overrule me...

Here's I'm chasing away this buoy that wanted to come aboard. Look how it's leaning away in fear -- I'm doing my job!!!!

Wow, it's been awhile without even a nibble and quite frankly, this is getting a little boring.

YEAH!!!!!! mom and dad agree and we decided to stop fishing and start sailing. Here dad is getting ready to put up the spinnaker pole to hold out our jib and of course, I jumped up to help him.

Dad is getting the high parts - I can jump that high, but because I don't have opposable thumbs, I'm not so good at this part.

This is what it looks like with our jib poled out.

Ahh, now this is the life...

I decided to dine underway.

we stayed overnight at a great cove called Paradise Cove. It was beautiful. When we went to sleep it was a bit windy, but by the time morning came the Bay was flat and mirror-like.

Here is what the cove looked like in the morning.

we hung out here till around noonish when mom and dad decided to leave. Another of my duties is to supervise dad while he raises the anchor and make sure he gets all the mud off.

Another view of the shore as we leave.

And we are ready to head back home...