Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Sail out the Gate

So early this morning mom and dad decided the weather had cleared enough and it looked like a good day for a sail. So they called their buddies and left sailing messages at 7:30 this morning - luckily they took me out to play ball right after - I don't think I could have waited much longer.

Mom wanted me to add that they don't usually call their friends at 7:30 in the morning - but these are good friends and they've been sailing together for years now - so don't be afraid to be their friend.

Before we get started, I wanted to show you how nice I was the other night. Our neighbor, Skipper came over to visit and I was nice enough to let him have my bed (well, mom made me - she said I could go in the back room to sleep). I'm not hovering at all, and he looks completely relaxed, doncha' think?

Oh and mom and dad have noticed that sometimes I seem cold on our sails ( it can be cold in the Bay) -- so today, I got this nice new fleece sweater. It goes all around my chest and has nice elastic and a draw sting to help it fit better. Best of all, I match the sail cover :-)

we left the marina around 9am to avoid the rain that we thought might come. Here I'm relaxing a bit on our "porch" as my parents call it - it's kinda a protected part of the cockpit.

We sailed out through raccoon straight, then over to the city front and tacked out under the Gate.

Here's my dad - we're just outside the gate here.

And here's me with the bridge in the background. I'm still in that protected part of the cockpit -- you wouldn't move either if you were me... The wind was gusting to about 25knots. That's really windy for a little doggie - mom was really proud of me.

I just moved a little each time we tacked. Or really mom moved me to the low side - she's trying to teach me what "helms-a-lee" means. It's a sailing term that means we're gonna make everything lean to the opposite side.

About a mile out the Gate, we turned around and dad, Robert and John took turns surfing Pacifica back toward home.

This is a picture of the 'porch' see how it's protected on 3 sides?

The coast guard was out too - they are kinda hard to see, but there is a boat and a helicopter. I think they go out in teams.

A look back at the bridge...

Another race going on - this got me excited.

So I ran out forward to have a look at all the boats. It's best sailing downwind because the boat doesn't heel so much.

Another pretty spinnaker shot.

Dad decided he wanted to take this time to try to fly our new heavy weather spinnaker. I was feeling spunky, so I ran over to see if I could help.

There it is -- wow that is a big sail!!!!.

Most of this time I spent sitting with Yuen on the porch.

John pulling with all his might on the sheet. We really work our guests hard... (hehe, don't worry - he's only posing)

So, a little after this, we got hit by a huge gust and got into the start of a death roll - our spinnaker pole was in the water. we recovered, but on the 3rd time of it happening, our spinnaker pole let go of the guy - then of course our spinnaker is flying way up above the water. After lots of fighting and dragging the spinnaker in the water, we finally were able to get the sail back on board.

Here's the sail soaking wet in the cockpit.

Luckily we were almost home, so the rest of the trip was uneventful.

We then put the boat away and went to the lawn to air out the sail.

What a jam packed morning - we were back in our slip by 2:30.

Sailing with the girls

Here are some of my human relatives. My uncle Bud, Aunt Kim (she sailed with us on the Stillwater Cove trip also) and my human twin cousins Nicci and Kaity - who are 3 years old.

One week when we were having a fantastically warm couple of days, mom and dad planned with them to come sailing with us. the girls have been sailing with us about 3-4 times in their little lives (I say little because it seems like humans take alot longer to grow up than us doggies do - I can already eat by myself, go to the bathroom by myself and entertain myself and I'm only 2). They started sailing when they were 4 or 6 months old - I'm impressed since I didn't set foot (or paw) on a sailboat until I was at least 1yr old....

Anyway, the day was looking great, they were excited, I was excited and able to get in a good game of fetch with my dad before we left. I was ready for the wind in my fur...

So usually Kaitlyn is the brave one to give me treats (I haven't been around little kids that much so mom is always having them give me really good - or high value as she calls them - treats). They really like that I'm invited to all the family get-togethers and they hope by bribing me, I'll be extra sweet and loving - which means very welcome at future gatherings.

Today, Nicci came to sit next to me and started giving me some dried salmon -- well, that's fantastic, I LOVE salmon.

Soon (way too soon if you ask me) they stopped giving me salmon so Nicci could have a treat. Here she's eating an orange. I don't much like oranges, so I just waited for the next round of treats and enjoyed the sail.

Here my mom and I are relaxing. She really loves it when I sit in her lap. She gives me little kisses by my ear and tells me she loves me.

We anchored for lunch at a place my parents love called Paradise Beach. Sometimes when the Bay is freezing cold, you can take your boat and anchor close to shore and usually the temperature drops 10 degrees. Mom and dad said that before I came to live with them they spent a couple evenings sipping wine as the sun set only wearing short sleeve shirts -- NO FLEECE!!!!!

After we ate, we had another treat fest. I entertained the girls with my tricks (sit, down, high 5) They seemed to really like it and of course, I liked my Zuke's salmon!!!!!

So a couple of times in my previous adventures I mentioned Raccoon Straits. This is a picture of us sailing by. They had a race - that's why there are so many spinnakers (colorful sails). Angel Island is on the left and Tiburon and Sam's is on the right.

The girls napped on the way home - they were having such a good time that they decided to nap outside -- I understand I've partaken of the deck nap many times....