Saturday, January 1, 2005


So my parents were going to take me to this place called SNOW to play. They were very excited and I didn't really know what it was except it was one of those times where my parents get to play with me for two days.

It started like most other weekends, I waited patiently for them to wake up. Here I'm trying to apply subtle pressure to my dad by knocking him off his pillow. Stuff like this usually gives them the hint that it's time to go play.

After showers and when mom and dad are ready to go, I get to do my usual rounds. My dad says it's to take my edge off - whatever that means. Here I'm sprinting up the ramp to go make sure those squirrels are still in those trees.

Sometimes I stop in the crook of this tree to check for squirrels or just look around, but this morning, I'm ready to go and I leap through it.

Mom thought this was a cute view of me jumping up to another of my favorite trees.

Just making sure no one is getting out of place --- this is MY tree!!!!!

This is another one of my fetch places near the yacht club. Dad brings me here to play every morning.

So after a couple of hours of naps in the car, we checked into our cabin and would you believe, my parents wanted to get back in the car. After I realized they were not joking with me, I got back into the car with them. They assured me I was going to have fun and kept saying "SNOW and PLAY" in a high pitched voice. So I figured it would be another fun thing we were going to do.

Dad found this place wide open and safe for me to play and it was filled with this soft white cold stuff that you could eat. Mom complained about only being able to get butt shots of me because I was running around so much, but I didn't care, I was having fun!!!!!

This is fun, mom threw snowballs for me but I had trouble finding them when they hit the ground (I like my balls to bounce once before catching them). Then she held up little snowballs for me to eat!!!! MMmmmmm, and yes, I did make YELLOW snow....

Here I am waiting for mom to throw one of those disappearing snowballs.

This is how I run in my supercharged speed -- I'm really sprinting through here!!!!

After the snow we went into town to walk around and pick out a good dinner place for the parents. I stopped so mom could take my picture with one of the plaques on the ground. Every year Angels Camp has a jumping frog contest and can you believe that dogs are not really welcome there - well I can't imagine why, I think I would have a great time catching them, I'm really good with my ball.

Also, you might notice I have a boo boo on my nose - I cornered a squirrel last weekend at the dog park and he got me. Mom and dad were real scared because of all the blood and rushed me to the vet, but I just wanted to keep trying to get the squirrel. I'm healed up better now, but mom says I'll probably have a scar (visual squirrel reminder).

Here is the cabin we stayed in. I heard coyotes at night and was sure to stay really quiet.

They had a big outdoor kitchen area and mom tried to teach me about cooking stuff, but I'm not interested in learning that kinda stuff.

Here she is trying to get the concept of dishes across to me. I know I look like I'm paying attention, but don't you worry, this doggie knows what her rights are: eating, sleeping, playing - that's what I do (maybe a little guarding too)

Dad then took me to play on the kids toys - I love the slide and am always quick to run down it. I have also been known to ride down on my mom's lap.

I'm on top of the world!!!!

Here I am peaking out of a little house. Mom said some dogs have houses like this of their own. I believe it, I have my own 39 foot boat that I live on. Since there is so much room for a little doggie like me, I let my mom and dad live on it with me.

Here dad and I are snuggling on the top bunk. They made the bottom bunk up I think for me, but I found it more comfortable to just sleep with them.

Here are mom and I back for another play session in the SNOW before it's time to go home.

Mom's friend Jan suggested a Nerf toy for me to fetch and boy am I glad she did - it was tons of fun. Here I am bringing it back to mom.

I love this snow stuff and can't wait to come back to play in it again. I can't decide if I like the beach better or the snow - good thing I don't have to choose, huh???


We tried to go out this weekend to fly the spinnaker again - this time a different one, but the wind was really fluky and didn't cooperate. We ended up using the "Iron Wind" (as dad calls it) to get us home. But we had a nice sail out and a nice lunch.

Here mom has gone up forward and I'm running up to be with her.

I always love my snuggle time.

Here my dad and I are having a moment....

Here I am monitoring John's technique of folding our sail. I hope to one day be able to do all the jobs on our boat.

My favorite spot - here I am making sure everyone knows we are heading into port. My job at this point it to notify anyone fishing on the shore that we are coming through. But sometimes I get sidetracked by the birds...

Well, maybe next weekend we'll be able to sail with that spinnaker.