Wednesday, December 1, 2004

A day with Paw Treks

So, early one week mom was able to arrange to have the day off and planned with Miriam that she would drive me to my playgroup so that Marina would be able to come for the fun (and I would be able to play with her).

Since we were kinda crashing the playgroup (as mom likes to call it) she decided to bring her camera and take some pictures of us having fun. Boy, I'm glad she did, I love my friends in my playgroup and it's alot of fun to look back and relive the day.

Our outing starts (after we all get out of the truck) with a doggie social - or poop time. This is so we can get all our poops out at one time so Miriam and Veneita aren't spending the whole time cleaning up after us -- it's more fun that way, so they can play games with us.

There's lots of time for us to go up to humans and get pets. Mom was really surprised to see the other humans there who knew me and would stop to say hello and some would even give me treats. I try really hard not to let it go to my head...

I love the Park!!!!!

Here is Yoshi and Marina looking back at the rest of the group.

We're all out exploring. For what? I don't know, we're just being dogs

And a body slam on Buddy... Don't worry, no one got hurt, we're good friends.

Marina is stealing this stick away...

Cocoa gets some lovin'

Miriam keeps tabs on all of us while we play.

Ahhh, a water break

After getting water from Veneita, I decided to get in line to get water from Miriam - maybe it'll come with a treat?

Here I'm watching Marina getting clobbered. She sometimes can take playing rougher than I can. I usually shy away from the rough stuff (or at least I try too, so sometimes Miriam or Veneita has to save me).

It didn't last too long and Miriam was back playing a running game with us!!!

WOW, they took off on a big run...

A nice shot of Buddy.

After the play is over, it's time for everyone to get leashed up. I always feel lucky when my mom is here at this time because she doesn't put me on the leash till we get to the water buckets.

And we finish at the water buckets while the dogs who got dirty get hosed off - I really try not to be in the dirty group - I don't like the hose.

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