Monday, November 1, 2004

Camping Isleton

My grandparents and Cali were in Isleton so we went to meet them for a weekend. It ended up being a VERY cold weekend in the tent, so I convinced mom and dad to sleep inside the RV every night.

We spent the days playing with Cali, and found a great dog park in Lodi to teach Cali how to meet other dogs. Mom told me she learned really well because her parents are taking her to dog parks in Nevada and having a great time.

Here are some pictures of our time playing:

Mom was scared of the coyotes out there. Even though I told her I could handle them, she still didn't want to let me run free in the field behind the campground, so our offleash play was confined to the tennis courts, right next to the RV, or the dogpark.

Cali got a real kick out of chasing me when I went to get the ball. It was cute to start off with, but after awhile the cuteness was wearing thin. But I remembered about her puppy license and just tried to avoid her attack.

Here I'm trying to jump away from her.

Another dog, dutchess came to join in on the fun. She likes to chase after me too. Here luckily for me, Cali has decided to pass me by and jump on Dutchess.

Ahhhh, some good rough housing - I love it!!!!!! Really, I'm not such a tough player. Usually, if this get to rough, I back out of the game - I'm not a thugger!!!!

Here is our campsite. That little pink tent is one mom bought for me thinking I might like to hang in it - but I really like to use it as a place to keep my water dish.

Ok, this one is a little embarrassing, but it makes my mom laugh. Cali is having some fun walking me on my tie out lead. I'm easygoing, so I let her walk me around a bit. I like it when mom and dad laugh at me anyway.

Whoo Hoo, she's fun to play with. I'm having such a great time - but I guess you can see that from my face.

After all that play, it's time for a rest...

Beautiful Cali!!!! I'm glad you're my friend....