Sunday, August 1, 2004


Our latest adventure has been to start fishing. I like fish - I've had the occasional kippered snack while out with the parents, but I didn't get what the big deal was about why we needed this long stick and had to spend so much time at the fishing store. They were nice enough, I got to walk around, but they wouldn't let me look into that big section that said "Bait" -- I think I would've liked that Bait stuff. Mom and dad didn't use anything that smelled that nice.

Before we get onto the adventure, here is a picture of me riding around in the dinghy, dad had to do some work on the motor and I NEVER pass up a ride in the dinghy, I love it soooo much.

OK, on to the fishing trip. I knew it was going to be another one of those weekends because as mom and I were walking down the ramp back to the boat after a little walk, I hear , "Matey!!!!". I drag mom to the parking lot to see dad there. YIPEE! I LOVE WEEKENDS! (but I do miss my girlfriends in my playgroup, and you too, Miriam - I know I'll see you on Monday).

So, it was a warm evening as they got the boat and me ready. As we headed out of the Berkeley Circle, we knew it was going to be a great sail. The plan was to spend the night at Horseshoe Cove and head out the Gate in the morning with the tail of the ebb (see I'm starting to really sound like a sailor, huh?). We decided to head through Raccoon Straight since it's usually flatter there. As we came around Angel Island, we got a warm blast of wind -- it was great. Mom and dad were in short sleeves, wish I could have rolled up my fur, but the breeze felt good. Here is a view looking toward the Bay Bridge on the West side of Angel Island.

So, as were were coming out of Raccoon Straight, dad spotted a Cal39 (my parents were looking at this kind of boat when the Ericson39 crossed their path). Although my dad is not a racer, he is a firm believer in when there are 2 sailboats sailing near each other and going in the same direction - there's a race. So, all of a sudden, I'm a racing doggie on a sailing crew. My job was to keep the crew happy at all costs so they could win. We were successful, and the Cal 39 eventually turned away in defeat.

Dad was very happy:

At this time mom decided she wanted to take a postcard pic of me in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. Here is my version of "rabbit ears" behind the head...

But mom still loves me, in fact I think she loves my silly antics.

About this time we made it into Horseshoe Cove, had dinner and turned in - tomorrow was going to be an early day. In the morning, we raised anchor and motored under the Gate. Mom and dad said it was like a freeway with all the fishing boats heading out (the freeway for all you doggies out there is a big road with cars that go really fast - mom and dad go to work on the freeway). There were also 5 sailboats (counting us) - but the fishing boats were flying past us, cause we can't go as fast.

Dad and I are ready...

We had breakfast on the way out...

I just settled in for the ride out to Duxberry Reef where they were saying all the fish were.

For those of you wondering about my toilet - do you see that bit of Astroturf on the cockpit floor -- that's it, that's where I do my business.

Since we were motoring for so long, I thought I would ask if I could steer, but dad thought it best if I didn't...

Finally, it was time to start fishing. There were boats everywhere, but somehow we didn't get in each other's way. we also monitored the radio to hear where the fish were, it really is a close group of people and we felt like we were part of it. I got into the spirit of the camaraderie and donated my leash to help out our boat's fishing effort.

whew, I was really getting hot, as you can see the wind isn't really blowing. Shortly after this mom took off my life jacket since I wasn't running around the boat anyway.

Finally, we heard a loud, "whhhhhiiiizzzzzzzz", I learned this means mom and dad are going to start running around and things are going to get crazy so best stay still and out of the way.

Unfortunately this was to be our only fish of the day, and since he (or she) was so small we had to throw him back. I sure hope we didn't hurt him to much with our fishing line, he needs to grow big and strong.

Here is a picture of me out on fish lookout - what am I supposed to be looking for again?

Finally we needed to start heading back so that we could make it under the Gate with the tide. This is the view of the Ca Coastline - it was such a nice day out there....

I fell asleep on the way home - I can't help it - it's my naptime....

Once we got inside the Gate, the wind picked up again and soon we were flying toward Berkeley. Even though we didn't catch any fish, we still had a great time. But we'll be back there again soon to fish again.