Saturday, May 1, 2004

Camp Putah Creek

My grandparents on my mom's side are traveling across the country in their motor home with my adopted canine uncle Max (you can see a picture of him on my friends page).

We met them here before they left California. This is also the place where I fell in love with my boots. One day when we were trying to find a good hike, the pavement was so hot and the grass was stiff and hard, my parents decided to give my new booties a try. Right when my dad put them on, I ran around like a wild woman. dad said I looked like nine year old boy wearing a superman cape. I don't really understand that one but he laughs when he says it, so it must be good.

So we tried to do some hiking but the trail we could find didn't allow dogs and the ones that did allow dogs, we couldn't find.

It worked out okay though, the purpose of the trip was to hang out with my grandparents before they left. We had a great visit. Here are some of the pictures:

I'm sure there are easier ways to get all three of us in the picture with the lake behind us.

Napping on mom.

Dad is giving me a lesson about the history of the dam (I just want to chase the ducks swimming in the water -- think I can do that?)

This is almost to the sign that said, "NO DOGS"

We were right next to a creek that I got to wade in.

Can you find me? I'm in the tree...

Ahhhh, home again...