Monday, March 1, 2004

My First Sail

I'm writing this about 4 months after it happened but I'll recreate it for you because it was such an important day.

I had been with my adoptive parents for about a week. they live in a strange looking house, but it's fun running down the ladder and hopping over water ( I'm an agile little girl, and besides, I was a stray before I met them).

So we went to this store that my parents said was their favorite (West Marine). I liked it already because they said I could go in with them and maybe even get cookies. well, they weren't kidding, because we went to that store 3 times that weekend and we've been back many times since. Those sailor pups out there know what I mean. And be sure your parents take you because if they don't have cookies, they certainly have lots of pets for you.

My parents bought me a life preserver because they said we were going on a big adventure today. Hmmm, they weren't joking, when we got home, they untied the house!!!!!! I now know I live in a sailboat, not a house like most other doggies. We motored around the marina - it was nice, a nice breeze and I was sitting with mom. Outside the marina dad rolled out this big white thing called the jib and turned off the loud noise (which didn't scare me, but I still didn't like it).

We were sailing and I was happy, I was fascinated with the water rushing by - and still I can get mesmerized by it. Soon mom switched with dad so he could cuddle with me and she could steer.

We soon went back to the marina and back to West Marine, because my lifejacket was too big. We then had to go to another one in another city to get my size.

While there, mom lifted me right off my feet with the little handle, of course they laughed and said I was "cute". I understand they wanted to be sure I didn't fall out of it, but did they really have to keep lifting me off my feet, it was embarrassing. Luckily they've gotten over it and are containing themselves now.

Sunday was a new day with mom and dad, and we went out for another sail in my new life jacket. This time both sails were up. I went forward ( with mom close at my heels because the netting wasn't up yet) and they called me a natural - they seemed very happy and proud. I relaxed and got to know my new home.

Here are some pictures: