Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Pacifica Spinnaker Sail

When my parents first adopted Pacifica, she kinda came ready to sail with the big colorful sail up front. I have seen these sails on other boats while sailing and thought they were really pretty. Though sometimes the people on the boats didn't look very relaxed as the big colorful sail twisted around their boat, and sometimes the boats seems to be doing alot of swaying back and forth with these up front, so personally I didn't see what the hype was all about. But they sure did look pretty and hey, what girl doesn't like to look pretty - whether it be human, boat, or doggie???

Anyway, my dad had to do alot of work on the boat to get all the ropes -- ahhh, lines right so we could fly our big sail. We actually have 4 big sails, one came with Pacifica and dad bought 3 more from a guy who said it made his boat go too fast when he did trips with his friends. I'm all for going fast, that means we can get to the beach faster and run on the sand...

Well, the day finally came where we were ready to officially fly our spinnaker. So mom and dad invited Robert and John to experience the moment with us - they all really take this stuff seriously.

It was a nice calm day - everyone was in good spirits. Here Dad and John are up looking quite pleased -- I look like that right after a good stick find, so I know how they must be feeling...

And here the guys are admiring the nice big red and white sail...

Then it was the girls' turn for a nice picture with the spinnaker...

We were really moving and I have to say I was enjoying it - it wasn't out of control at all.

When we got back, the humans celebrated with sparkling apple cider and cupcakes - I tried to ask for one, but all I got was a cookie, oh well...

So, I wonder what colors the other spinnakers are? I have a feeling with my daddy, I'll know soon enough. In fact I think I hear him talking alot about the ocean again - maybe that means I'll go to half moon bay?

A day with Paw Treks

So, early one week mom was able to arrange to have the day off and planned with Miriam that she would drive me to my playgroup so that Marina would be able to come for the fun (and I would be able to play with her).

Since we were kinda crashing the playgroup (as mom likes to call it) she decided to bring her camera and take some pictures of us having fun. Boy, I'm glad she did, I love my friends in my playgroup and it's alot of fun to look back and relive the day.

Our outing starts (after we all get out of the truck) with a doggie social - or poop time. This is so we can get all our poops out at one time so Miriam and Veneita aren't spending the whole time cleaning up after us -- it's more fun that way, so they can play games with us.

There's lots of time for us to go up to humans and get pets. Mom was really surprised to see the other humans there who knew me and would stop to say hello and some would even give me treats. I try really hard not to let it go to my head...

I love the Park!!!!!

Here is Yoshi and Marina looking back at the rest of the group.

We're all out exploring. For what? I don't know, we're just being dogs

And a body slam on Buddy... Don't worry, no one got hurt, we're good friends.

Marina is stealing this stick away...

Cocoa gets some lovin'

Miriam keeps tabs on all of us while we play.

Ahhh, a water break

After getting water from Veneita, I decided to get in line to get water from Miriam - maybe it'll come with a treat?

Here I'm watching Marina getting clobbered. She sometimes can take playing rougher than I can. I usually shy away from the rough stuff (or at least I try too, so sometimes Miriam or Veneita has to save me).

It didn't last too long and Miriam was back playing a running game with us!!!

WOW, they took off on a big run...

A nice shot of Buddy.

After the play is over, it's time for everyone to get leashed up. I always feel lucky when my mom is here at this time because she doesn't put me on the leash till we get to the water buckets.

And we finish at the water buckets while the dogs who got dirty get hosed off - I really try not to be in the dirty group - I don't like the hose.

Monday, November 1, 2004

Camping Isleton

My grandparents and Cali were in Isleton so we went to meet them for a weekend. It ended up being a VERY cold weekend in the tent, so I convinced mom and dad to sleep inside the RV every night.

We spent the days playing with Cali, and found a great dog park in Lodi to teach Cali how to meet other dogs. Mom told me she learned really well because her parents are taking her to dog parks in Nevada and having a great time.

Here are some pictures of our time playing:

Mom was scared of the coyotes out there. Even though I told her I could handle them, she still didn't want to let me run free in the field behind the campground, so our offleash play was confined to the tennis courts, right next to the RV, or the dogpark.

Cali got a real kick out of chasing me when I went to get the ball. It was cute to start off with, but after awhile the cuteness was wearing thin. But I remembered about her puppy license and just tried to avoid her attack.

Here I'm trying to jump away from her.

Another dog, dutchess came to join in on the fun. She likes to chase after me too. Here luckily for me, Cali has decided to pass me by and jump on Dutchess.

Ahhhh, some good rough housing - I love it!!!!!! Really, I'm not such a tough player. Usually, if this get to rough, I back out of the game - I'm not a thugger!!!!

Here is our campsite. That little pink tent is one mom bought for me thinking I might like to hang in it - but I really like to use it as a place to keep my water dish.

Ok, this one is a little embarrassing, but it makes my mom laugh. Cali is having some fun walking me on my tie out lead. I'm easygoing, so I let her walk me around a bit. I like it when mom and dad laugh at me anyway.

Whoo Hoo, she's fun to play with. I'm having such a great time - but I guess you can see that from my face.

After all that play, it's time for a rest...

Beautiful Cali!!!! I'm glad you're my friend....

Friday, October 1, 2004

Fleet Week

This past weekend was fleet week in San Francisco. Mom told me it was a time the area celebrates the military. Usually the Blue Angels come every year, but this year they were in Hawaii and the Canadian Snow Birds were coming instead. This is totally fine with me since I like birds much more than angels - well, angels fly too - so I might like them as well - but I certainly don't see as many of them.

We hadn't planned to go sailing this weekend, but since the weather was so nice, we couldn't resist. While watching the presidential debate on Friday night with our friend John, he thought he would be up for it - so we would invite Robert and Yuan and try to get as much of the gang here as possible.

After a little lunch at anchor in Richardson Bay, we poked our nose under the Gate. This was a little windy and bouncy for me, so I decided to take a nap in my den.

Here's the view just before the show started inside the Gate. Mom and dad left me down below because they thought I might be scared by the birds - I never met a bird that scared me!!

About halfway through the show I was awakened by some strange noises so I popped up in the cockpit - mom called me to the foredeck and I saw the weirdest sight....

What are those things??? Mom told me they were planes, the Canadian Snow Birds. What??? I thought I was going to be able to chase some birds? Could this be true, I only get to watch them fly around? They were kinda cool the way they flew in formation and reflected colors off their wings.

We had to stay away from them because we couldn't go inside these big yellow markers. Mom said past years the planes were allowed to fly right over the top of our masts.

Here's another fly by of their formation. They weren't scary at all.

They ended by flying across the city.

And I being the ever polite little doggie, gave them an appropriate bow.

Here is a picture of the gang who watched the show with us.

After the planes left since we were near the city, Dad told Robert to take us near Pier 39 so I can see the sea lions.

They always interest me. The barking sounds like my first language but since I have so much trouble understanding them I can only assume it's a dialect of my native bark.

So, while we were trying to head home, we were trying to take the stern (go behind) the Jeremiah Obrien (a very large ship) but had to cut the corner of the no entry area. Since the show was over, we figured, "no big deal, right?" WRONG....

This unresponsive Sheriff-ski refused to look at us or answer our question of if we can take the stern of the Jeremiah (who was already starting to turn into our path toward it's home). All the sheriff-ski did was aim his jet ski at our bow so we had to turn into the Jeremiah's direct path. A very poor nautical choice if you ask me!!!! Luckily, Robert is an excellent skipper and did a number of fancy maneuvers to get us out of Jeremiah's path and back on track toward Berkeley - though I'm sure we caused the big J a little concern and the cockpit crew was working hard to get us straightened out. Glad I was up here with mom.

We then had a nice sail in to Berkeley.

Here I am with dad.

Then back with my buddy John.

And here are Yuan and Robert.

And most importantly, I got to finish off the day with a little snuggling with my mom (I have to be really nice to her since she is helping me with my webpage).

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Still Water Cove Part 2

We left Santa Cruz around 12 pm headed for Monterey. It was mom's favorite kinda sailing - sunny skies, and steady wind, but not too strong. We had a great time.

Here is a picture of my mom and me on that leg of the trip. We ended up getting into Monterey about 3:45pm - so a very short hop across Monterey Bay.

As we are entering the Harbor, we are greeted by all these barking dogs....

I am so excited, I can barely keep myself on the boat.

But I manage, especially when I see where we are going -- do you see that small opening straight ahead, that's the entrance to the marina, hardly seems like we can fit, huh? Glad I'm not driving.

So, after we got tied up safe in our slip, we went walking around. Mom found out that the beach right there by the pier, and out for about a mile, is legal off-leash dog play area, WHO HOO!!! We made good use of that information.

When we returned, mom and dad let me walk off leash on the dock and I went a little ahead, looking for guacamole and stuff (for those of you who don't recall, in the San Leandro marina I went on a boat and ate their guacamole - mom and dad were mortified). All of a sudden, I see one of those sea lions, right on the dock!!! So I ran to give him a piece of my mind and see if I could wrestle up a game on the dock like I do with my doggie neighbors at home. Well, he got up as tall as he could and started to roar at me - I just kinda froze, guess I shouldn't have run up barking, huh?!? Luckily for me, dad was able to come up the dock behind me and pull me away by my hips. Mom and dad told me I really gave them a scare.

Mom went back to get a picture of the sea lion and here he is giving her the evil eye. He eventually calmed down and went back to sleep. Later that evening, I had to scare another one off the dock that jumped up right next to our boat! It was a good thing I was on guard, mom and dad were watching a movie down below.

The next morning, we had breakfast at this cafe which is very dog-friendly. We also met a puppy who is cruising down to Mexico from Canada with his parents. I didn't get a picture of him, but I wish I did, I bet he is going to have lots of adventures.

While dad went to turn in the keys, I got to take some time to look around the marina at all the fishing boats. We are about to leave for Stillwater Cove.

Our sail to Stillwater was easy. The wind was good to start off, but by the time we rounded into Carmel Bay, we were motoring.

Here's a picture from our boat (anchored at Stillwater Cove) looking across Carmel Bay. It's beautiful. There's lots of Seaweed, but there's a path into the anchorage. My dad took our dinghy all the way to that far point that you can see and caught a couple of nights of dinner for us.

They even had these cute little creatures called sea otters. There is a dog at the dog park back at home that looks just like this. But mom told me they were very special and I shouldn't even bark at them. We just silently watched them hunt for food and swim around - they were kinda cute, but I think I would have still tried to play with them if they came onto the beach.

This is Buddy - he's the harbormaster's dog, and I knew this would be a great couple of days when shortly after we dropped the anchor, the harbormaster rode up to our boat with Buddy on his bow.

I was a happy puppy. That hook you see is for these little lanterns we have for the cockpit. I'm not hanging on the lifelines... Just didn't want you to be concerned.

Here I am playing on the beach with Rosie - she's also a sailor dog.

I also made time for napping.

Buddy and the harbormaster had a great surprise for us, the Pebble Beach Golf Course allows dogs off leash after the golfers are finished playing - so I was going to have a chance to play on this beautifully manicured lawn (they were tending to it everyday).

Oh, I love the ball.

Pacifica golf course shot.

My Pebble Beach cover shot.

When mom told me these were for cleaning golf balls, I made her try to clean my tennis ball. I hate when the sand gets in my teeth from my dirty ball (but not enough to stop playing).

Dad being cute with my Chunk-it.

The beautiful anchorage (Pacifica is all the way to the left).

While we were playing on the golf course, I gave mom and dad another scare (and me too for a little bit). I kinda went exploring a little down this cliff and then gravity got the best of me and I had to scramble all the way to the bottom. But imagine my surprise when I had my very own private beach, so I took some time to explore the tide pool till mom and dad started calling me frantically back to them. Luckily, off to the side, there was a steep trail that I was able to get back up on - or dad would have had to come get me in the dinghy ( hey, maybe that would have been better, I love the dinghy).

Here's another view of the cliff from the water.

One day we went to lunch in Carmel at Forge in the Forest. It was great, they have a special patio dedicated to doggies. Right when you sit down, they bring water to your parents and a water bowl for you too! They even had a doggie menu, so after mom and dad ordered, the waiter said, "And for the doggie?" Then I heard mom say, "we'll get the quarter hounder for her" YIPEE!!! I was so happy, I didn't know what it was, but this place had good smelling stuff, so I'd take anything they bring me. Well, it ended up being a 1/4 pound Angus Beef burger. I think I heard mom and dad talking about how good it looked - good thing they didn't try it, but I guess I would have shared since they sometimes save a bite of their food for me. Anyway, that blue bowl has my burger in it and I only gave mom one shot at a picture, right after this was taken, I shot over to scarf down my lunch....Aaahhhhhh...

I mentioned how I always wake mom up early, well, that also leaves me available for the sunrise photo.

Finally, after 3 days in Stillwater, it was time to start heading home. Look at all the seaweed dad pulled up with the anchor - I told you he was a good fisherman!!!! I was very disappointed to see him throw back all of this - I'm sure there was some good stuff in it - I guess he thought we really should be getting on our way. So we left around 7:15 in the morning. Mom and dad expected this to be a long day and for us to get into HMB (Half Moon Bay) around 7:30 tonight.

It was really foggy at first but cleared as we entered into Monterey Bay. Just off of Santa Cruz, we saw what dad told me was probably a baby blue whale - he was alongside of us a couple of boat lengths away and heading South - I yelled out to him to stop at Stillwater Cove, but I don't think he heard me. As he left behind us, he waved with his entire tail (uhhh, fluke).

A little bit later, while dad was in the bathroom, mom saw a whale come flying completely out of the water (this is called breaching), she started yelling for dad to hurry out - then a second whale breached, as dad came out, a third one breached, then finally, a fourth which dad was able to see. Wow, mom and dad surely seemed excited about that. I love them and all, but I hope they don't wish I would jump and flip out of the water like that.

So, we were motorsailing down the coast to HMB, around 4ish, the motor shuts down - we ran out of fuel. Dad says that's ok, we're a sailboat, so we start sailing. Unfortunately, the wind is coming straight out of HMB, so it adds time to our already long day. Finally, as the day wore on, the wind continued to tease us by dying. So we nursed the sails to bring us into HMB, only to have the wind completely die about 1/4 mile outside of the harbor entrance. So around midnight, we dropped the anchor to keep us from drifting on to the very dangerous reef they have there and waited and rolled in the swell. The Harbormaster wouldn't be able to give us a tow until 3am. Finally, around 2am, a nice fishing boat named Malesa came by and gave us a tow into the marina.

The next day we relaxed in the marina, had a mechanic come down to work on our engine, and played on the beach.

But we had to get on our way again. You can probably tell, I'm having trouble recovering from the hours spent rolling in the swell waiting for a tow the night before last. But don't worry, I was able to snap out of it.

It was very foggy most of the way home, with a little clearing in the middle.

Here's a shot of us going right under the Golden Gate Bridge - you can barely see it above us.

From a little far away, you can see the fog bank stopped just under the gate - Weird.

Finally, here we are coming into Berkeley. We had a great time on our vacation, but it is nice to be home again. But I did hear dad ask if we wanted to sail to Sam's Cafe tonight -- He can't be serious, can he?