Wednesday, August 15, 2018

2 weeks and counting

This is why we chose a hard top bimini.  Greg giving the solar panels a good washing and enjoying standing atop the Bimini.

Already we can tell we are really going to love the bimini.  Having that hard roof above in addition to the super solid feel of the rails around the cockpit, really adds to Pura Vida.

We've been plugging away at projects and will hopefully be finished our must do before the end of August. 

we did get a chancea few weekends ago to go sailing on our old boat - or technically Greg's old boat.  He lived on it when we met just shy of 19 years ago.

One of our active projects is our wind generator.....  We had a vibration since it was installed and upon further investigation, we discovered a bent shaft.  After E marine didn't really take us seriously, we contacted the maker and they are seeming like they are arranging a plan that will let up actually get started cruising with a wind generator.  So, fingers crossed....

Finally, need to follow up with this girl......  gosh I miss her... but I know she's happy with Rick.  And once we get cruising, there are going to be many days where her fun to suck ratio would be much lower with us on the boat.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wrapping things up.

ok, 3 weeks to go till we are sailing under that Golden Gate for possibly the last time.  Hoping for clearer weather than the above photo from another trip on our previous boat, Pacifica.

I'm wrapping things up at work - they are letting me work part-time while cruising and then full time again next summer while we fatten up the cruising kitty.  SO, a few little details to sort out.

Just heard from the yard that Pura Vida is cleared to go with a shiny new timing belt and water pump, along with new bottom paint.  By the time this goes out, she will hopefully be back in her Berkeley slip waiting for some romping.  Poor girl hasn't had any fun sailing outings all year - but come September, that's all it'll be about - she'll be living her calling.

Also, as if our final projects weren't enough (though we are not by any means going to be finished our list when we leave), as I was in the City picking up Greg from work last Friday night, a Limo backed into me.... so add to our "must do" list is a trip to the car repair shop - which is where Evie is right now and I'm driving a rental.

Unfortunately, the limo driver who backed into me thinks just giving me his insurance info and telling me he is very sorry is enough.  He's refusing to speak to even his own insurance company.  SO, we might be on the hook for the deductible because being parked with the engine off while a limo backs into you isn't enough for it not to be my fault and responsibility.

Good Grief......

Can't change that we leave in 3 weeks!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Clewie update July

So, For those of our friends and family who love hearing about Clewie, I want to share how she is doing.  Because although she is no longer living with me.... she is totally a part of me.    She has a new home and is well taken care of, and I will ALWAYS lover her.  Part of the reason of being super stoked that Rick wanted to adopt her from us was that I didn't really want to let her go from my life.  Because the last thing I really wanted was to let go of her.  Now, I have a ClewieCam, and almost daily updates.  All very feely and complicated - anyway...

She is totally Over us.....  and now really into swimming...  Loves hanging with all of Rick's house guests that come to visit regularly... And she has a best friend.....  an Australian Shepard named Roger.  BFFs FOREVER......

Here she is swimming with Roger:

Mostly she spends her mornings lounging around the yard, she has a large yard around the house with lots of space.  Sometimes she'll have visitors, sometimes not.  Usually, the afternoon will bring some sort of adventure - mostly these days a play date with Roger.  Then evenings are spent relaxing on the couch with her dad.  Some training of tricks happens.. she's learning new things.  But all the time, she gets to be with Rick.

And Greg and I cannot say enough how happy we are at how much he adores her.  She truly is treasured as I think every doggie should be.

I'll leave with a video of Clewie and Roger wrestling:

Saturday, July 28, 2018

the REAL Bimini Post

We're installing the bimini this week.  It's a custom hard top made by Atlantic Towers.  Thanks to a couple neighbors (Richard and John) we got the bimini in place, then with Greg's ingenuity, we got some halyards/lines to hold it up while we see where we want to install all the permanent parts.

Now were's drilling, which means lots of trips up to the cockpit and down below, and to the hardware store.  But it'll get done - I'm already thinking about the shade sides I'm going to make so that I can be all comfy in the sun in Mexico.

The supports are aluminum, so they are bigger diameter than a stainless frame.  This is already giving us a better sense of security in our cockpit.

Let me sign off with a picture of the truck delivering it to us:

Is that crazy or what?  This was the end point for them - they ended up backing the truck all the way out the way they came in - to University Ave.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Bimini and Arch

Nothing like completely changing your boat's profile.....  and doing this right before taking off cruising... how in the heck am I supposed to get our boat cards done?

We literally don't have a photo of her and probably won't till we get cruising.  (the projects list is CRAZY).

So what am I doing, I'm using pictures of us and our bright/can't-miss it dinghy set up for boat cards.  Our engine, named Buzz (for now) is painted as a bumble bee.....  and it buzzes when it runs... so its name is BUZZ.... get it ;-)

OK, that's our engine, and our chaps have a bright orange nose on the bow.... let's just say, I think it's distinctive.

wow, this post took a veer...

edit: we nixed this for our boat cards and went with regular pics of us  But that's Buzz.....  and his awesome dinghy chaps that Greg made himself - sewing project #2 for him.....

Saturday, July 21, 2018

About 2 months to go......Solar cooking

Things are starting to feel real.  The bimini is installed, we're starting to get all the things on our list that a few months ago, we decided to wait because we had plenty of time.  The above is my latest addition.  Twelve years ago when we took a year off for cruising south, I really disliked being in the galley when it was hot, but did want to prepare good food.  This go around we decided to try out a solar cooker.  We like this one alot for the rigidness and the foldability - All Seasons Solar Cooker.  I can just take those bolts off and fold her right up and stash her down below.  Already figured out a longer storage folding and a daysail folding routine.

So we got it last week and it went on my agenda this weekend to start playing with it.  Day one, within 30 minutes, it was clear that it really does work.  Yes, I need to remember about the no evaporation, so use less liquid.  But yep, I can see longer slow cooker type meals, to casseroles, even to reheating leftovers (yes, it's that easy). 

It's not something I would use while sailing.  But at anchor - yes, definitely. For setting it, I can safely say, I can set it up for a good 3 hours undisturbed cooking time.....  at that point, a check in to make sure the sun is in cooking range (done with a little sundial that lives on top). 

I cooked rice on Sat - done in an hour, but complete mush because I didn't measure my water.  Sunday, I cooked a pot of beans.  It stayed in the cooker for about 6 hours and I needed to relocate (move a few inches) the cooker once due to shade from our furled main.  

I expect with use, I'll get better, but for the first weekend, I was super comfortable with it by Sunday.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Future plans.....

OK, I've remained super quiet about our plans to make things easier at my job.....  but now that Summer is approaching, I'm free to share away. 

There was no keeping any secrets from our dock neighbors though...  After a few big purchases and boat-jobs, we quickly started getting questions of: So, do you guys have anything planned?"  from those we didn't previously share with.

So, here we are at this writing 3 months away from departure.  Our cruising plans: Spend the next couple of years cruising in Mexico and returning to the Bay Area in the Summer to work.  After a couple seasons in Mexico, we plan to head south to Central America, then loosely over the next years and however long we enjoy, the South Pacific interests us, as does Indonesia and Thailand.  Beyond that - you'll have to check in here to see what we are thinking.

Our plans are to take off with the BYC Labor day cruise to Half Moon Bay.  From there we'll wait for a good weather window for San Miguel in the Northern Channel Island chain.  This is about a 2-3 night sail.  Arrival is best in calm weather for exploring the island.

From there, we'll spend a good chunk of time exploring the Channel Islands.  Every other time we've been here it's been with a dog, so we are looking forward to taking advantage of not having a doggie aboard to explore.  Somewhere around the Oct 1 timeframe we'll head to San Diego and work on some projects that are on our list before we head out of the area of easy access to parts.  We'll be anchored out - so look for us if you are in the area to say HI.

Somewhere around Nov.1 - or maybe sooner, we'll head South into Mexico.