Saturday, September 8, 2018

A whale of a day

Recap of last night..... both tired, ready for the rolicking to stop, me still getting used to overnight passages again and Greg just plain tired from being the superman sailor I'm glad he is at times like this.  A sliver of a moon not due to start rising until the 5am hour, we creep into our chosen anchorage on Santa Rosa Island using radar overlay on our charts and me on the bow with a strong flashlight.

3am, finally we are able to relax.  But our bodies are still amped up from the adrenaline of the past couple of days.  It's been quite the ride and just what we were looking for to get us to Southern California.

Backing up to Half Moon Bay, we had been waiting for wind to start blowing, topped up fuel and water, when finally Thursday morning our departure window opened up.

While motorsailing out some distance from shore, Greg commented, "bring on the whales" in anticipation of seeing these beautiful beasts.  By noon we were with full sail sailing wing and wing down the coast, stretching our distance from shore.  Off in the distance, a spout - followed by another, to be followed over the next few hours with breaching, tail flukes, back shots surrounding our little home from every side.  Our best was a half breech of an adult humpback whale a mere 4 boat lengths away.

As the day grew on, the wind picked up (nothing over 25kts) and seas got a little messy - in the new formation of waves kinda way.  We settled in for our first significant night passage since cruising 11 years ago.

It was rough, but I know will get easier.  During the afternoon the speedo stayed around 7 to 9 knots. The second time we hit 11+ knots peaks, we knew it was time to make those sails smaller. We spent most of the night zooming along at 7 kts with a single reefed main. As the next day started, we would pole out the genoa when the wind eased to keep us in the 6-8 kts boat speed range.

The next day brought more mature seas with the same reliable wind speed, and my mind relaxed as we headed south with favorable wind forecasts.  Though my mind was relaxing, we were super tired from the lack of good sleep, but pressed on to avoid higher winds forecasted over the coming days.  Pt Sur was behind us, and Pt Conception was to come.

Toward the end of the day, we had our first visitor, a booby bird - I didn't even know they lived this far north.

He tried out a couple of perch spots, finally "landing" with the paddleboard.  He preened and recovered all night even staying with us as we raised the main, lowered the main at the anchorage (Very loud banging) and got ourselves anchored and settled with full spreader lights and walking just past him back and forth.

He was almost like having a little pet for a few hours - we loved the company, even came with some poop cleaning duties today.

So the night crept on with us feeling like our now 6-7 kts was very very slow....  but eventually, we did finally cross the shipping channel at Santa Barbara, the night crept on.  It's amazing how slowly a boat can seem to move at times.

Greg had researched Bechers Bay on Santa Rosa, which was wide open, we have 4G radar which we can overlay our chart, so we felt confident in entering this first time to us Bay.  As I mentioned earlier, it was pitch dark, no outline of land, no lights besides our running lights and stars in the sky, and we sleepily continued on pumped up on adrenaline.

As we entered the Bay, I spotted on the bow with a bright flashlight looking for Kelp.  We measured depth to determine how far in to go, finally, we reached our target depth and dropped the anchor.  No drama, everything went smooth and our little booby friend just sat there with us, watching.  Probably ready and happy to be settling down.  These birds are so trusting.

Then that was it, we collapsed with thoughts of imagining the beautiful scene we would wake to.

Today, we'll do some hiking, and start exploring the channel islands for a couple weeks.  We got super lucky with some surprising internet, but no guarantees for that at other anchorages.  We're looking forward to getting our fishing game started - wish us luck....

Melissa and Greg

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Waiting for wind

Our first real day of our new life.  I woke, we both did a few hours of work - then boat projects.  Still doesn't feel real, but I remember from 11 years ago when we took off that it took about 2-3 months before I got used to the cruising life.

We had a great trip down.  We were waved off of the dock by Jackie, Kim,Lisa and Dean and in our rush and readiness to get going, we promptly forgot to give a last hug goodbye to Greg's Mom Jackie....  But for the record, we did hug them right when they arrived for our sendoff, about 15 minutes earlier.

San Francisco saw us off with a nice one tack close reach to about Alcatraz, then we motorsailed out the Gate in the Southerlyish lightish winds till just before the first channel marker where we made our BIG LEFT, rolled out the genoa and turned off the engine.

NICE...  not cold, but overcast.... and lumpy seas (that part wasn't so nice...)

After a few hours, the wind started lightning up, and the seas continued to be messy (from heavier winds further out).  So, we rolled in the genoa and motored the rest of the way to Half Moon Bay.

We anchored on our own with Lisa And Chuck rafted up.  With all the hub bub, we weren't up for dealing with multiple anchored boats.

SO the next couple of days we spent with good friends palling around Half Moon Bay, hiking, exploring and hanging out enjoying each other's company.

Yesterday, the rest of the BYC cruisers headed back to San Francisco and Kim our sister came down for a Goodbye recap.  We scored another Black Cod (sablefish) for dinner.  We had one the previous night with our friend Bunnie aboard - which if you haven't had one..... OMG highly recommend you do yourself a favor and google about this yummy fish.... melt-in-your-mouth-like-butter.....

We've been watching the weather and things are looking very light out there at the moment.  So - our plan now is to leave Thursday afternoon for a wee hour arrival Fri night/Sat morning at the Channel Islands.  Neither of us is interested in bobbing around in light wind, or spending money motoring in calm.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wake up Wake up Wake up - Clewie update

Roger who is an active 1 year old aussie....  waits not so patiently for Clewie to recharge her batteries.  Yep, after hours of wrestling, she does just want to chill and take a nap.

Wake up Already.......

But this was hours after this.....  continuously and some serious long range sprinting in the yard.

wrestle mania

Wednesday, August 22, 2018






 Yep, it's really true - storage shed is emptied out.  All of our personal belongings are on the boat and will be cruising with us.  Such a great feeling not having to worry about stuff we don't use.  We will be keeping a car and a bike to help us transport ourselves next summer to employment - Many many thanks to our sister for that......

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

2 weeks and counting

This is why we chose a hard top bimini.  Greg giving the solar panels a good washing and enjoying standing atop the Bimini.

Already we can tell we are really going to love the bimini.  Having that hard roof above in addition to the super solid feel of the rails around the cockpit, really adds to Pura Vida.

We've been plugging away at projects and will hopefully be finished our must do before the end of August. 

we did get a chancea few weekends ago to go sailing on our old boat - or technically Greg's old boat.  He lived on it when we met just shy of 19 years ago.

One of our active projects is our wind generator.....  We had a vibration since it was installed and upon further investigation, we discovered a bent shaft.  After E marine didn't really take us seriously, we contacted the maker and they are seeming like they are arranging a plan that will let up actually get started cruising with a wind generator.  So, fingers crossed....

**edit: the maker did take care of the issue - returned the original unit and sent us a replacement - which doesn't have a wobble and is quieter.

Finally, need to follow up with this girl......  gosh I miss her... but I know she's happy with Rick.  And once we get cruising, there are going to be many days where her fun to suck ratio would be much lower with us on the boat.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wrapping things up.

ok, 3 weeks to go till we are sailing under that Golden Gate for possibly the last time.  Hoping for clearer weather than the above photo from another trip on our previous boat, Pacifica.

I'm wrapping things up at work - they are letting me work part-time while cruising and then full time again next summer while we fatten up the cruising kitty.  SO, a few little details to sort out.

Just heard from the yard that Pura Vida is cleared to go with a shiny new timing belt and water pump, along with new bottom paint.  By the time this goes out, she will hopefully be back in her Berkeley slip waiting for some romping.  Poor girl hasn't had any fun sailing outings all year - but come September, that's all it'll be about - she'll be living her calling.

Also, as if our final projects weren't enough (though we are not by any means going to be finished our list when we leave), as I was in the City picking up Greg from work last Friday night, a Limo backed into me.... so add to our "must do" list is a trip to the car repair shop - which is where Evie is right now and I'm driving a rental.

Unfortunately, the limo driver who backed into me thinks just giving me his insurance info and telling me he is very sorry is enough.  He's refusing to speak to even his own insurance company.  SO, we might be on the hook for the deductible because being parked with the engine off while a limo backs into you isn't enough for it not to be my fault and responsibility.

Good Grief......

Can't change that we leave in 3 weeks!!!!!!